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Home Consultation Services

A Home Consultation from Sentinel Inspections provides homeowners with an in-home visit by an industry professional whose only job is to understand the needs of each individual homeowner and help them to evaluate and prioritize home maintenance, repair, and remodeling issues.


  • Is a do-it-yourself approach reasonable for your latest home project?

  • How do I prioritize maintenance investments?

  • Within the restraints of our family budget, is it more important to fix a roof or have a crawl space repaired?

  • Can new windows really reduce a home’s heating and cooling bills by 50%?

  • What do you do when your home is having comfort issues and three different professional service companies visit your home and leave you with three completely different recommendations?


These are great questions and we are here to help you get answers.

Our expert home diagnostic professionals will have an unbiased conversation about your situation and provide a science-based consultation regarding your home operation goals and maintenance investments.


After contacting us, we will find a time to meet together in your home to look and listen to the issues and goals you have in mind. Typically, this meeting lasts approximately one hour. 

Our goal is to help you understand, organize, and prioritize your home
maintenance and repair projects. If you decide you need
additional assistance, we may recommend a more advanced
“Home Diagnostics” process.


The Home Consultation costs $99 for Monroe County residents. 

The consultation provides homeowners with access to an independent experienced home professional whose job is to coach and assist homeowners with understanding home repair and maintenance priorities.

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