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Infrared Testing

Did you know that all solid objects emit infrared radiation?

The warmer an object is, the more infrared radiation it emits. 


Infrared cameras can detect the difference in levels of infrared radiation originating from objects in their field of view. Using these differences in invisible levels of infrared radiation the camera creates corresponding visible images based on temperature differentials rather than visible light.

What exactly are we looking for?

There are many types of temperature differentials in your home and we can help you know what is normal or not.  


Your home's shell, known as the building envelope, works to separate the exterior of the home from the interior to facilitate climate control and protect the indoor environment. 

A building envelope consists of a variety of materials and will naturally have differential temperatures. This is normal and expected.  


However, other temperature differentials can be caused by damage to the envelope, improper or incomplete insulation, or the presence of water. These are thermal anomalies and provide critical information about the performance of your home and potential structural problems. Most importantly, many of these issues are completely invisible to normal eyesight.

Why is this a good investment?

Infrared scanning provides an opportunity to locate and identify issues that are invisible to the normal inspection. 


It can save thousands in repair bills by identifying small problems before they become home repair catastrophes, and it is unsurpassed for identifying energy efficiency issues caused by excessive air infiltration and compromised insulation.


Sentinel Inspections provides infrared scanning with top-of-the-line FLIR ™ equipment, backed-up with the training and experience required to maximize the technical advantages of this unique process.

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